Why Teach Music?

Teaching Students a lifelong knowledge, desire, and appreciation for music

As an educator, the students always come first.  Every student deserves to become a well-rounded lifelong learner. By carefully designing engaging lessons, I plan to instill a strong knowledge, desire, and appreciation for a lifetime of musical experiences.

I teach music first, because I truly enjoy working with students. Teaching has always been a dream of mine and music has become a huge part of my life. Putting both teaching and music together as one is a wonderful opportunity.  I want to give students a strong knowledge of music so they are able to participate and enjoy the music that is all around them throughout their lives. Music influences every individual’s life; it holds rich cultural elements and has special meaning for everyone. As a music educator, I hope that my students walk out of my classroom with the knowledge of the importance of music in everyone’s lives and with their very own personal love and understanding of music as an art and skill. Through music lives can be altered. We as humans learn how to express ourselves and find deeper meanings in life through music.

I strongly believe that everyone can and deserves to participate in music. I hope that my students go out into the world with hopes to be further involved in music either as a performer or as an audience member. I want them to have obtained the skills to work together as a team, and as an individual who inspires to share their love of music with others.